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Space Sweepers

After almost all famous sci-fiction movies saw, and Firefly. Take the Space Sweepers as today’s movie , its rating on  douban is not high nor low ,6.5 . Thought it was not fair for Korea sci-fiction movie, maybe it worth more .

But , in and after watching , I  can only give it  a 6. It has too many elements mixed and all the scenes seem crowd . And the robot , it’s stronger than Gundam I think ,destroys drones use its spear.

I’d say ,now more and more movies try to survive the world, and some of them just don’t take respect of the basic logical.

And ,I do mind they take drug cartel as one of the main characters .

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The Rookie

Just finished the three seasons of “The Rookie”, as three seasons pass by , still a good fun criminal TV show , although some tips feel not alright. As they took Lucy as a under cover cop, seems not alright , she is always a adorable and shy girl in this show ,  not fit , I think.

Other than that , all other things seem all right , captain’s leave was  a little pity , Brennan’s  (Bones) appearance as Nolan’s ex-wife is a little surprise , hope to see her  return at season 4. Nolan’s relationship line seems unclear all the time , and I think even the write don’t know what will happen to him.

And Castle’s daughter take a part in the show , I didn’t even notice that without someone wrote in douban. And now Ashley is now a big girl . Always happy to see actor/actress in  other show I fond of  attend the show .

In season 2 , Alan was invited to the show and have a interesting part , if there are other Firefly crew attend in season 4 , it will be more interesting. 

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Hard time goes on

This post  is a part of  my little try of practicing English.

As the pandemic is continue all over the world , nothing seems to be getting better. My country is grabbing more power in his hands ,become more and more a police state , but the same time almost the only country take the covid  under control , which made other freedom countries feel bad , and  make nothing better but increase hate between each other.

People who  like to communicate , share , travel ,those things help us understand each other ,all bad for controlling the spread of the virus ,but the things power state like to do, the things police state like to do , are  helping people get away from the virus , which of course have their price .

As a person like to hike and travel around ,although a solo type guy , feel I am in the dark time .Lose my opportunity to travel abroad , may be in years , and in my sad opinion ,maybe decades . I used to have tiny plan to travel Japan ,and USA, before my passport expires .

Although many countries are having aggressive progress in vaccine ,to make the world safe to travel is still almost an impossible job .

More or less ,sometimes I feel that it possibly conspiracy of the CCP, who controlled all the media in country , have the biggest crowd of employees, rich in money ,spend years to be prepared to be capable of isolated by the world ,even if there is a war .

They take all the afford to convince the nation people half of the world take  us as enemy , and the other half is poor and dangerous . In the recent years ,those one who live abroad and able to communicate to home nation people ,are also considered as traitors of the nation ,just because they could be the connection , when the strategy that hire someone told abroad is more or less hell sometimes end us not every well ,as the one told those story  occasionally moving abroad  .

They like to see people don’t understand and hate each other , and the nation people not able get help from else where if not from the party.

Hardly see the future.

It’s a nation that winner takes all ,people only care for the winner,  people at the bottom always try their best to climb up ,never mind kick down those who below them, the pyramid stays stable when the small door to the top open .People  never believe in things like  noble or king , they don’t think one can have glory  just because he can use fork and knife .Some how that is the point I always like , if it doesn’t make people  compete with  each other too much ,would be better.