The Rookie

Just finished the three seasons of “The Rookie”, as three seasons pass by , still a good fun criminal TV show , although some tips feel not alright. As they took Lucy as a under cover cop, seems not alright , she is always a adorable and shy girl in this show ,  not fit , I think.

Other than that , all other things seem all right , captain’s leave was  a little pity , Brennan’s  (Bones) appearance as Nolan’s ex-wife is a little surprise , hope to see her  return at season 4. Nolan’s relationship line seems unclear all the time , and I think even the write don’t know what will happen to him.

And Castle’s daughter take a part in the show , I didn’t even notice that without someone wrote in douban. And now Ashley is now a big girl . Always happy to see actor/actress in  other show I fond of  attend the show .

In season 2 , Alan was invited to the show and have a interesting part , if there are other Firefly crew attend in season 4 , it will be more interesting. 

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